Message from the Governor

Our strong results for 2019 and the fact that we further increased financing for climate change mitigation and adaptation measures reflect our firm commitment to social investments and to ensuring that these investments are environmentally sustainable.

The CEB’s new strategy for 2020-2022 reflects 2019 achievements, and defines the main directions and operational approach to effectively contribute to a more inclusive and resilient Europe.

Message from the Governor

2019 at a glance

Loans approved

€ 4


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Financial report

Project financing

In 2019, the CEB approved € 4 billion in loans for 24 member countries. These loans will pull together € 13.9 billion in total investments across Europe, with a focus on social sector infrastructure and services, climate change mitigation and / or adaptation measures, and specific actions targeting vulnerable persons.

The impact of CEB’s past financing is graphically illustrated on page 26 of the Governor’s Report, on the basis of 36 projects completed in 2019.

At a glance...

Report of the Governor (extract)


In 2019, the Bank raised a total of € 4.5 billion on international capital markets, broken down into eleven funding operations, including a third issuance of its Social Inclusion Bond which garnered strong interest from investors.

Report of the Governor (extract)

Partnerships & Donors

In 2019, the CEB awarded € 54 million in grants, while additional contributions of € 4.4 million in total were committed by the Slovak Republic, Switzerland, and Germany.

Most of the 2019 grant activities benefitted migrants and refugees, in line with the Bank’s priority mission of assisting vulnerable groups.

The European Union remains the Bank’s largest donor, with more than € 500 million committed to date.

Report on CEB and Donors

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • The CEB is committed to all aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The Development Plan 2020-2022 thus places increasing focus on social impact, sustainability and SDGs, all highlighting the Bank’s distinctive position.
  • In 2019 alone the CEB financed climate actions worth € 1 billion, up threefold compared to 2017. Moreover, the third issuance of social inclusion bonds has levelled up total financing to € 1.5 billion since 2017. The Bank also conducted a full materiality assessment.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report